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I shoot OCF w/ Fuji. No need for TTL, I shoot all manual. I want to control the flash settings via camera or camera mounted trigger (too lazy to walk over to the flashes to adjust). Any recommendations?

Elinchrom Quadras with Skyport. (My most prefered suggestion. Kick ass rig.)

Profoto with Air. (least preferred) 

Einsteins with cyber sync. (Not bad and more affordable than Quadras)

I think Yongnuo has a flash / trigger combo but YMMV and don’t quote me on that. It’s Friday. I’m drinking a beer. I’m going to let you do the legwork to find that out. :) 

Ummmm. Can’t think of any other combo. You can do a Pocket Wizard thing with Einsteins but… meh. I have tried it and it’s not the hottest thing in the world. Sell a kidney and get the Quadras. Thank me later.



Walk 10 feet.



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  1. nulleinsfoto said: Yongnuo just announced a trigger to control the 560 Mark 3 from the camera. Not available yet, but that could be the cheap and easy solution…
  2. nicksphotograph said: I say walk 10 feet.
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