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Holy Underbid Batman! So I just got a cold call resulting from a Google Image search. Call on behalf of client who wanted to use an image I took (during a Scott Kelby Photowalk actually) back in '09 for a huge wallpaper in their office. The Director of Marketing asked me for my price for a digital image. I answered $149. After a pause, she explained the other image they are considering is being offered at $4,000. She was great and the bid went up to $399. Thought I had pricing figured out...

And to think an international restaurant chain just offered me $500 for a wall size print. 

Here’s what you do…

NEVER give a price for ANYTHING on that first phone call. Ask questions. Who are they. What is the need. When they need it. Etc. You can even ask if they have a budget they are working with for this.

Then do your homework. Then submit a bid in writing.

I’ve lost work in the past to underbidding. It’s part of the process of learning how to price your craft, time, and artistic value.

Glad you got a little extra from it!


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