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Hi Zack, Please explain what I'm learning about photography with all this talk about you getting paid by fuji?? I for one don't give a sh*t who pays you or why. I'm here because I like your work and your philosophical point of view on photography. All this fuji nonsense is ALL NOISE and NO SIGNAL. Please stop answering these questions. GOYA and SHOOT!

You know what? 

You are 100% right.

I’m letting noise into this place with that crap. I’m sorry about that. You’re absolutely right. I won’t let it happen again. 

Thank you. Seriously. Thank you for pointing that out.


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  1. mrbrianchu said: You are my hero Zack. #bosslike
  2. pavelvk said: Wow!!! Respect Z!!!
  3. kenmolimg said: I thought it was interesting. I for one alway wondered how that kind of work relationship works. So I’ll thank YOU for explaining it, and hope you blog isn’t only about the deeper philosophy of photography from now on. Cheers.