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I am reaching a point in my love life that I think I can only find a successful relationship with another photographer. (I have dated other creatives but I am inspired by photo duos.) Being exposed to many (successful and/or talented) photographers have you noticed a trend? Do you see a lot of photographers end up with other photographers? I secretly want to find a mate to do what we love together and make money doing it. Am I being naive? Do you know if other photographers feel this way too?

This week PDN called me the accidental Dear Abby of the photo industry. I think with this question they are correct.

How about find a mate who you love despite what they do? What if you meet an awesome person who isn’t a photographer. Are they crossed off your list?

There are successful partners working in photography together. And there are plenty more successful partners who don’t work in the same industry. The key is both of you support each other. End of story.

Yes, it’s cool to share the same love for the same thing. But it can also become competitive. The criticism can start to flow back and forth. What happens when your mate blows the shot and you’re fighting about that at 2am? What happens when you both show at a job and you’re both pissed at each other and you have to put your big fake smile on and get through the day? That all happens.

Then you have to realize that you will be with each other non-stop. When you live together and work together it is very difficult to find boundaries. My wife, Meghan, used to work with me. She finally quit after I fired her three times. :) Our home life spilled into work and work spilled into home. That’s inevitable when you work for yourself but sometimes it can get in the way.

I can’t tell you what to do though. I’m not a matchmaker. :)


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  1. hoffmannphotography said: It shouldn’t matter what your other does so long as there is mutual respect for the amount of time and passion you both put into your respective careers.
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