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Hello Zack, I will probably shoot a wedding in October. That's cool, and I talked to the contractor about the gear i would use. I pulled a real Zack Arias and bought an X100S and already did a wedding with it along with a 7D and was more than pleased. The contractor asked me please "not to bring the Fuji because it's also a bit about outward appearance." I disagree wholeheartedly. I had no negative comments about the gear i was using. How to handle that? His prerequisite is to use 2 Dslr's.

His sandbox. His rules. 

That said, I have no “outward appearance” issues with using Fuji’s. I’ve shot for Land Rover with my Fuji’s and last month I shot an on air personality for a major television network with Fuji’s. I’ve also shot at weddings with Fuji’s. 

That’s my thing though. If this photographer has an issue and feels that DSLRs need to be around your neck to keep up an appearance of looking professional then that is what they want and you need to play by their rules.

When it is your sandbox, you can have your rules. :)


PS - And with this I’m going to be off the Q&A blog for most of the next week. I’ve got a crap ton of work to do and I need to stay focused so this place will be quiet. Have a good week y’all!


Have you ever wanted to put about a dollar or so in my pocket? Here’s your chance! :) 

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