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Zack since falling in love with the Fuji x100s and the line of Fuji cameras you said the DSLR is dead. My question for you is how much of your commercial work do you now shoot with this line of cameras?

The Fuji’s are pulled out on every job in one way or another. 

Case in point. Tomorrow I start shooting for a new editorial client. I’m going to be shooting a series of portraits over the next week for them. The Phase will come out for most of the “hero” shots but the Fuji’s will be on hand for more candid moments between portrait sessions. 

It sort of breaks down like this. When I have a moment to stop everything and set up a portrait and light it then the Phase is typically the first camera shot on that. I have a little more lens variety with the Fujis so they may then pop in for something due to needing or wanting something different with a lens I have for those cameras that I don’t have an equivalent for with the Phase. 

As I begin to move around then the Fujis come out. If I’m needing to capture more of a candid moment or something going on behind the scenes or I just want a few quick shots in between formal setups, I use the Fujis.

I’ve shot for editorial clients and commercial clients with my Fujis. I have full confidence in them. The one… and only… reason I still have a Canon in the bag is for the 200 2.8 lens. That reach at that speed is something I don’t have with a Fuji or Phase at the moment. I don’t use that lens often though. Not even once a month. I have need of it enough though to hold onto it until such time I feel I have an equal lens in length and speed to one of my other cameras.

9 times out of 10 though I’m walking out the door with the Phase and the Fujis. The Canon stays locked away in the gear locker until needed. It will stay at the studio tomorrow because I’m shooting indoor environmental portraits. No way I’m going to need a 200mm for that.


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