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I use to work in a corporate studio in my local mall for some time. I left because they started sucking the love of photography out of me, bogged my creativity, and gave shitty service and products to people. I was one of the top in sales, there was this specific family that use to come in and would only shoot with me. My question is, it's been about a year since I left the studio would it be wrong to try and find that family and conduct business? Or am I risking potential trouble doing so?

I ain’t no lawyer so I can’t tell you for sure… but… If you did not sign a non-compete form with the studio you were working with then you should be in the clear to find them on your own and offer your services to them. 

You need to be very clear whether you signed those kind of papers or not when you started working for them. If you know for damn sure you didn’t sign a non-compete then I’d go find that family. 

Again though, I’m not a lawyer. Don’t call me to the stand if something goes south. :)


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