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jaysonoertel asked:
Hi there...I'm a recovering travel/landscape photographer shifting to portraits. That said, I'm busting my ass right now shooting portraits that will ultimately (hopefully) end up in my NEW portfolio I'm building. My real question is, do you have to be consistent in the ages of people you shoot as to not confuse people? I'm shooting mostly adults, however, apparently, the stars were aligned and I was able to snag a great shot of my 2 year old. In the portfolio or not? Thanks.

Kids can be one genre of photography. Adults can be another. If you have 15 portraits of adults and then one of a child, that one shot can sort of look out of place. As you get your portfolio together make small prints and tape them to the wall. Does that one shot flow well with everything else or does it stick out like a sore thumb? If it sticks out then you need to ditch that shot. 

That sucks. I know. I have some photos I really like but they just don’t fit with the rest of my work. It’s hard to bury it but in order to have a consistent voice with your photography you need to bury some photos. One image can bring down your entire portfolio.

Now then. That said… if you are wanting to shoot more kid portraits then you pull that one aside until you have shot enough kids to build their own gallery.


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