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I've noticed you have used Yongnuo flashes for a many months, and you still can't admit they are solid performers, yet after only using the new Lumopro for few weeks, you already assert how much better they are than the "kung pao" flash. 1) it's ALL made in china, your fancy Apple products, all made in china, get over it. 2) Is it that hard to believe a good flash only costs $80? $80 is what they SHOULD cost and we have a company that seems to have figured out a way to pull it off. y hate sen?

A) You get what you pay for.

B) The people behind a product mean as much as the product itself.

C) I “trust” LumoPro. See A and B.

The Yongnuo 560II flashes are incredibly cheap and are a pretty dang good flash but there’s always this nagging feeling in the back of my head that they are about to explode at any moment. That’s why I bought four of them. I almost see them as disposable flashes. I bought them from some generic seller on Amazon. I don’t know who stands behind the flash if it goes down and they don’t have a stellar history. The first 560 is known to have all sorts of issues.

LumoPro is run by good folks. I personally know them. I’ve talked shop with the people behind the brand. They are good people who want to make a great product. They are involved in the industry. They have a great warranty on their stuff. I know for a fact that if a Lumopro flash goes down they’ll fix it or replace it. 

I know a good flash can cost $80. The Vivitar 285 is a GREAT flash that costs about that much. A tried and true flash that has been around for decades. When God said “Let there be light.” He popped a Vivitar. The issue I have with the 285 is the minimal power settings they have. They are workhorses though.

Why I don’t trust the YN flashes is for a couple of reasons. 1) Their track record. 2) I have four of them. They each make a different noise when you turn them on or zoom the flash head. Seriously. Zoom the flash head on any of them and they all sound a little different. 2 of them sound ok. The other 2 sound like they are struggling to zoom. Each one sounds different than the other. That’s…. not good. 

So… You can get a flash, a good one, for $80. Yes. That has been achieved. A GREAT flash though? Eh… the jury is still out on that. LumoPro has made a GREAT flash for $200. Compare that to a GREAT Nikon or Canon flash? Nikon SB910 - $546. Canon 600 - $549. (prices from B&H)

Yugo proved you could make a cheap car. You driving one of those? :)

Are you on a bare bones budget and need a pretty good flash? The Yongnuo 560II is a good choice. It might blow up (figuratively speaking) on you but heck, it’s currently $59 on Amazon! Buy four of them and throw them away as they break. Or buy one LumoPro and get a two year warranty from a company you can trust. Your choice.

Why did I buy the YN in the first place? The new LumoPro’s weren’t out yet. Had they been, I would have bought that over the YN.

AS to the made in China. Yes. I know. Everything is made in China. If Meg and I were to ever have another child I would want to, ya know, wink, wink, nudge, nudge over in Hong Kong just so I could say our kid was made in China. I’d probably have that tattooed on their butt.


ETA - Forgot to mention that shortly after buying the YN 560’s I received a pre-production LumoPro LP180 to test but I could NOT breathe a word about it. I signed an NDA to test it. So I actually had a few months of use with it before it was publically announced. I then bought and paid for (full price) three more LP180’s. I got on the list and waited for them. Also please note the lack of affiliate ID’s in the links you find here so I’m not a salesperson for them. I did get one flash for free. I repaid them with feedback. #fulldisclosure

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  1. dimsumdaily said: Glad you mentioned the 285.It’s a solid little work horse.I use it daily has been dropped several times ( wind/operator error) and still lives. i like the “Kungpao” but am waiting to get the Lumopro it has all the right stuff.
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