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catosan asked:
Dear Zack, I just got your Onelight dvd, thanks it is amazing. I have a question, is it possible to do a long shutter speed exposure and have the flash at the end of that long exposure, so I can capture some movement and then stop that movement with the flash?

It is possible depending on your camera.

What you are wanting is called rear curtain sync or 2nd curtain sync. The shutter opens. Ambient is exposed and then right at the end of the exposure the camera fires the flash just before the shutter closes. It’s particularly helpful when shooting moving subjects and you want the ambient trail of blur to follow behind the subject. Otherwise the blur goes out in front of the subject and thus makes them or it look like they are going backward. 

Some cameras allow you to turn 2nd curtain sync on the camera body and it will fire anything in the hotshoe at the end of the exposure. Flash. Pocket Wizard. IR slave. Whatever. Or anything hooked up to the PC port on the camera body. All the Nikons I owned did this. Canons did not unless I was using a Canon flash. It would not fire a Pocket Wizard on the hotshoe. It always fired on the first curtain. PITA. To get around that I would sometimes put a 580II on the hotshoe and dial it all the way down and trigger my lights with optical slaves.

So… check your camera. If it doesn’t work on the hotshoe try the PC sync on the camera body to see if that does it. 


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  1. drewshannon said: I believe that even the Canon Rebel series has 2nd Curtain sync with their on-camera flashes.
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