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rileyjoseph asked:
Hello Zack.. I have just sold a 24 TSE lens.. so I have a few thousand in my hand. I have a day job with a flexible schedule that pays the bills. So my photography supports itself. I sold the lens as I am getting away from landscape photography and more into portraits & street. I currently use 5dmk3 w/ 35L, 50L, 24-105L, 17-40L & Xpro1 w/ XF35, XF14 & X100s. I have 3 speedlights, westcott 28" apollo, 2 umbrellas. Am I missing anything that I could put that money towards or any line-up changes?

OMG. You have plenty of gear. You don’t need anything else. 

IF I was to suggest something I would suggest a new computer. Get the fastest machine you can get since a lot of time is spent there. You have a kick ass DSLR. You have a kick ass mirrorless kit. You have some lights and some modifiers. You don’t need shit. You’re set. 

Or get a 135 f2 L. You’re missing a long lens. 

But no! You have enough. Except for something longer. But do you even need that? Eh… portraits. Yeah. An 85mm - 100mm fast lens could be good. 


Take that few thousand dollars and buy a plane ticket and get out of town and go have an adventure overseas somewhere. Gear won’t make you better. Travel will. :) Yeah. Go buy plane tickets. 


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  1. rileyjoseph said: Thanks Zack! Always a pleasure heeding your advice.