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ropalmer82 asked:
Hello Zack, Have you abandon your website as far as photographic content? Seems you occasionally update your blog but apart from that it seems pretty outdated... Just curious! I'm sure it has a lot to do with the other million things on your plate!

It’s totally because of a million other things on my plate right now plus having four kids from 4 to 14 and an awesome wife and running a business and, and, and…


I just shot a job this past weekend in Arizona. I really want to blog that job but I can’t until the client releases the first part of it on their schedule. So that job gets delivered and then put on the back burner until I have the go ahead to blog it.

What happens from now until then is four more jobs will be shot that I’ll want to blog. Each of those will have a different timeline of when I can show them. Case in point. I start a three day campaign tomorrow. That won’t get released until next month some time so I have to sit on those. I shot an editorial job three weeks ago that I’m still waiting for the magazine to print before it can go on my site. I’m still 60 days from that hitting the streets.

I have stuff from a year ago that I can now blog but I’m busy on the here and now stuff that I just don’t have the time to sit and get them ready for the web. I know it seems simple. The thing is I don’t like to just blog a photo or two. I like to blog with meaning and purpose and talk about this that or the other about the job. To a fault. Maybe a BTS sort of blog post or something like that. That takes me a day to sit, edit the photos, write it up, have Meg edit it, etc. That and four kids? And manage the studio? And do emails? 

The good news is I don’t blog because I’m busy. The bad news is I really need to update my entire site. All the galleries. Etc. I tend to be an all or nothing sort of person so when it’s time to update something as simple as a gallery then I want to spend a day or two going through my new work, find the pacing of it, resizing them for the web, arranging them, so on and so forth. 

Right now it’s 4:50pm. I have about an hour to finish packing for the job that starts tomorrow. I have my assistant out running last minute errands and getting rental gear and supplies for the job. I have to pick my oldest son up from his friend’s house. Make it to dinner. Help Meg get kids to bed. Come back to the studio for last minute things. Do the job tomorrow through Thursday. Then Friday is post production ALL day on last week’s job and this week’s job. Saturday is a bit of down time. Sunday is prep for a week long gig with Kelby training that is being shot here in ATL and in NYC. I have three days off after that.

And to blog? Update my galleries? Ummmm… I need like two weeks off to get all that done. I don’t have two weeks off. If I do then it’s family time. 

I still have to do the Fuji update blog post. And I want to blog about a few trips I’ve done recently that don’t have any sort of embargo on them. And I have a new teaching site to launch this year. And… and…. and……..

Lastly… right now in my life, I want to be a photographer more than a blogger. Nothing wrong with being a blogger. I’m just not the most efficient at it. This Tumblr? This is easy. Zero photos to edit and upload. No sitting around wondering what I’m going to talk about. You all bring the content. I just bang out some thoughts on your questions while I’m waiting for a lightroom export to finish and hit “publish”. I don’t even wait for Meg to edit it… which she hates because my posts are filled with all sorts of errors. :) 

Lightroom is done. Adios!


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  1. shebelievedshecouldandsoshedid said: You need an assistant to do some of that stuff for you. Prep it, then deliver it back to you.
  2. faithfashionphotos said: Whew! That “all or nothing sort of person” is a relief to hear. My wife hates that character trait about me but since I am her business partner/servant… she deals, patiently, with my many faults. :-)
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