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I am shooting an event this weekend, around 30 guests, for 4 hours. Nevermind that they said they wanted me to put my 5d mark ii in "Point and Shoot" mode, want the pictures before I leave,not to use my flash since it will be indoors, and worse of all, they want me to just keep taking pictures non-stop..SPRAY AND PRAY!! :( ..What I really was wondering was how to get pics without having the same pic over and over again, have you ever been in this type of situation?

That’s not photography. Know what I’m saying? That’s just taking pictures. Anyone can do that. Maybe it’s you doing that. Maybe it’s getting a check and living another day. Maybe it’s stuff you never ever ever put your name on and show to the world. It sure isn’t photography though.

Maybe you say, “No. I’m not doing that.” And you walk away. Or maybe you ditch their ideas and do your very best to bring photography to this event no matter what. You use flash. You don’t spray and pray. You give them something they don’t know is possible.


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  1. hoffmannphotography said: Don’t walk away, run!!!
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