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I noticed that a couple of times now you've mentioned that you have a Canon 6D that you use on occasion. Why the 6D and not the 5D Mk III?

I recently split part of my business off into a new business with two of my colleagues. I sold all of my Canon bodies to that business. I felt, at the time, I needed to keep one DSLR body around for something. I was faced with getting a 5d2 on clearance, the 6d, or the 5d3. I knew for a fact that Canon gear is just not that important to me so there was no way I was going to drop the change on the new 5d3. AS GREAT as that camera is… it’s not worth the money. Debated on getting another 5d2. The wifi in the 6d is what sort of drew me in. I just needed a full frame Canon. I even though about getting a 7d but I do love the Canon full frame sensors. 

So, I got the 6d. It’s ok. It’s a camera. Nothing massively special about it. It’s just an appliance. If I was a full time wedding photographer I’d have moved to the 5d3. Well, if I was a full time wedding shooter I would have stuck with Nikon for their AF. But that’s just me. :)

All I have left right now for Canon gear is the 6d and my non IS 70-200 2.8, an 85 1.8, and a 35 f2. I have a Canon 580exII that will be going up for sale soon. 

I’ll hold on to this kit for some videos and stuff I’m going to be doing. All of my L glass has been sold. Putting that money into the Phase kit to get a 120mm or 150mm lens for that one.


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