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scottmeide asked:
I have been working on my carrer as a editorial/commercial Portraiture photographer for the last 6 years. I have hit the street and have had a couple of portfolio viewings but no hits on jobs. Well I now have a deadline on staying in LA or moving to Charlotte in 6 months. I have decide to contact "i heart creative" to use there service as a consultant. What i am looking to get is - figure out where I am on the map to my career as a photographer and direction to where to go. Good Idea?

We heart creative? 

Can’t vouch for them personally or not.

What I can speak to…

Some shoe leather. Some meetings. That’s just planting the seeds. They are fresh in the dirt. You can not expect to harvest any time soon. Unfortunately this stuff takes T. I. M. E.

If… IF you are moving to Charlotte in six months then you need to be planting seeds there NOW! You need meetings when you show up. Maybe you get a job or two. Junior jobs that is. 

There are folks who just sort of fall into work like I fall off a horse… easily. Then there’s the 99% of the rest of us who have to toil at this.

Hiring a consultant is a good thing but you have to really trust them. You have to love them. It’s like picking a spouse. Talk to them. Get to know them. Follow their social media feeds. Follow those they have worked with. It’s going to cost you but that cost may be WELL worth it. 

IF you trust them then trust what they say. They may tell you that you aren’t ready for prime time. Or they may tell you that you are. Or that you need to do x, y, and z to get there. If they are worth their salt and have the experience to back it up then trust what they say and do as they say. I’m sure there isn’t a guarantee but it’s better than just whacking through the wilderness on your own with zero compass points.



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