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When for weeks I compulsively check your blog several times a day to learn how the story of Pentax ends and every time I'm confronted with the March 22nd picture of Esin Görür laughing, is she laughing at me?

She’s laughing at all of us. I’m just not a professional blogger.

Today… today I was going to sit down and write that post…

But then I had a meeting. And it was my 7 year old’s field day at school. Then I had some errands to run. Then, I’m going out of town this week so I picked the younger ones up from school and took them to the park. Then we met friends for dinner. Now I have emails to do, some laundry, kids are in the bath, and I have time to squeak out a few Q&A’s. Then I’ll be done. I will have had three beers by the time the kids go to bed. That means I’m pretty much NOT writing a blog post tonight. 

So tomorrow I’ll write it. But I have a lunch meeting. Then that meeting will end up at my studio. Then I have a meeting with my new assistant going with me on this trip this week. We have to go over gear, how I pack, how I work, etc. Then it will be dinner time. Then I’ll have to pack my clothes. Then I have to be to bed early because I have to get up at 5am to get to the airport.

Then I’ll be on a job for four days. Then I’ll get home for one day. Then I’ll be on a job for three days. Then I’ll have two days off. Then I’ll be on a job for a week. 

AFTER that I’ll blog about Pentax. And Cuba. And the CNN anchor I photographed a year or more ago. And the Haverty’s exec I photographed. And the Kung Pao 560 II review. And the job I’m about to shoot. And then the one after that. And get ready for the Q&A book to hit the shelves. Then the kids are out of school. THEN I’ll blog. But I have a new web site to launch. THEN I’ll blog. 



I will. I will blog. I have to tell you where Pentax was. She was helping a friend in dire need. Oh. Pentax has a heart of gold she does. I promise. 


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  1. craftinlightenment said: We all have so much to share and do. Enjoy your blog a lot; I also look forward to your answer when you get the chance.
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