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bensemisch asked:
What are "Must Have" elements to a photographers website? Also are there any photographers you feel who have totally nailed the website thing?

• Name. 
• Location. (Tons of people don’t do this. I don’t get it.) 
• Phone number! (Again, lots of people leave this off their site.)
• email (Not just an email form. A real email address.)
• Easy to navigate galleries. (Click to progress or arrow key to go back & forth) 
• Thumbnails. My site is lacking this. Working on that.
• Blog.
• Bio
• Links to your social media accounts.
• Links to your off shore bank accounts.
• Sausage links. 
• iOs compatible!!! No flash or html mirror site or something.
• No self playing slide shows.
• No papyrus, copperplate gothic, or comic sans fonts.

Photographers who have totally nailed it? That’s a moving target. I like this person’s gallery. I like that person’s bio. I like that person’s color palette. That other person has cool blog integration. Etc. I can’t say that I’ve seen the most perfect site in the world. 


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