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Hey Zack! Lens hood or NO lens hood? Do you think they really have effect on the images? Can't really find on the net a good lens hood vs no lens hood comparison. Thanks!

I am a big believer in lens hoods. Being that I don’t care for UV filters and I always lose my lens caps, I do like lens hoods for protecting the front of my lenses. They also help provide protection from unwanted flare across the front of the lens that can kill sharpness contrast. (Sorry. I meant contrast. Edited this to fix that line!)

Some of my lenses actually have the hood gaff taped on the front at all times. Every lens I own has a hood for it.


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  1. alexcorona said: Amen! UV filters were for film, but people are still getting tricked by the camera sales people. Almost as bad as getting tricked by Ken Rockwell.
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