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"If you don't have it, don't show it" But, here's my problem...I've been working for someone else for 7 years and have recently started my own business. The studio where I worked owns all the copyrights on all the photos I've made there, so I don't have much personal work to show. What do I do?!

Well, you better get out there and make some new work on your own time and your own dime! #hustle!

Now, if you were shooting for me for seven years, and this is just me… I’d let you jump in the archive, pick your favorite work, and give you a license to use those images for portfolio and web use for one year at no charge. The one year license wouldn’t be a business / money decision. I’d do that to put a fire under your ass to go out and replace all of that work in one year. If you worked for me for seven years, produced good work, helped my business, etc, then the least I could do would be to give you a solid one year head start in your own business. 

Maybe you could work out a deal like that with the studio you are currently working for? Doesn’t hurt to ask. If not, then you better get busy. You’ve got seven years of experience. You can do it.


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