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adamrasheed asked:
Hey Zack! First of all, thanks for making the how to guide on seamless. It helped me start doing press kits! Secondly, I'm currently rocking a Nikon D200 and some decent glass. I have a couple of hundred dollars to invest. Should I get 1) my 50mm first prime 2) a couple of YNG flashes (I'm currently using Chinese strobes for the seamless stuff) Or 3) some moo business cards and a premium WordPress theme? FYI I want to do portraits with a commercial feel.

Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. Huh. Ummmm.

Well, if you are wanting to do this for money and you’re currently able to produce good work with the camera and glass that you have then I’d say spend money that will make money. Meaning, get some cards, a site, and a new pair of shoes to go tear up the streets while you promote your business. Get the business up and running and the gear can come later. 

New strobes and glass don’t bring people in the door. Promotional material and marketing does.


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