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Hi Zack, There's been a pile of questions about effects and presets lately and in the most recent one you say you prefer straight colour or straight black and white. Any tips for converting colour to black and white? Would you mind sharing your process in whatever level of detail you feel comfortable with? The only presets I use are Silver Efex - and it is because I have no clue how to get even middling black and white. Thanks.

Yay! Answer number 1,000! 

I have a lot of questions about black and white conversions. I’ve recorded a 25 minute screen capture going through my process. I don’t have the market on the greatest B&W conversions. I show you what works for me. I do most of my black & white conversions in Lightroom. 

You can watch my video here on youtube

I work on these images…

I’m going to do a wrap up post this evening to talk about a few things and then I’ll see you on here next year! I’ll be blogging on my main blog over at


PS - The master of B&W conversions, IMHO, is David Nightingale. He cringes when he watches me work. He once grabbed my computer from me and took over. I love him. :) Check out his tutorials. You can pick up a lot from him. He has two classes on B&W conversions. Part one and part two.

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