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My husband got into photography after a drunken night of clicking around on YouTube on something completely unrelated, and stumbling upon one of your videos. Prior - no interest in photography. Since - he's watched every one of your DVD's (even the multiple day ones!) countless times and our living room now has light stands. "It's time for dinner" "1sec-Zack did 10 questions today!"-Just read you're taking a break from the interwebs. He's going to need a new fix when not shooting. Suggestions?

I want this to be a completely true question! I really do. If it is then it may be the greatest teaching accomplishment of my life. Seriously. This has made my day!

Ok drunken husband. Wow. Ok. 

Shoot. I want you take a break from the Interwebs with me and go shoot a personal project with this new found love of a photography. It can be portraits of your family. Portraits of your co-workers. Maybe shoot a series of “drunk husbands”. Something. Put the internet down and pick up the camera and I want to see 10 of your best portraits that you shoot from now until, let’s say, the 15th of January. Then I want you to email me those 10 best images from this project to studio @ zackarias [dot] com. Put “drunken husband” in the subject line. I’ll be in touch! 

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! I want to see what you create. I’ll give you solid feedback on it in January. I’ve put it on my calendar. I’ll be on the lookout for this email!


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