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I'm afraid that as I get more popular as a photographer, I will in fact be doing less photographing. What percent of your typical work week is photographing vs location scouting vs consultations vs marketing vs business administrating vs post vs putting out fires etc...?

Picking up the camera and taking photos is 10% or so of my job. 10% of my time. Think about that in terms of your rates too. You are getting hired to take photos but it’s a small percentage of your actual work to be able to do that. You have 100% of work to do. You have to be paid for that 90% of time when you aren’t shooting. The client mainly sees the 10% of what you do.

"It’s just pictures! It’s digital. It doesn’t cost you anything."

You love to cook. Run a restaurant all by yourself and how much cooking will you be doing compared to everything else? Cooking, dish washing, cleaning, serving, bar tending, accounting, hosting, ordering food and supplies, marketing, menu planning, etc, etc, etc.

If you want to spend more time cooking and less time cleaning then you hire someone to clean. Don’t want to do accounting? Hire someone. Want someone else to serve the food? Hire. Soon you are spending more time doing what you love but now you have more people involved that costs you more money so you have to raise your prices.

That’s what happens for cooks. That’s what happens for photographers.


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