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i have a quick question for you. i agree with what you say about picking a focal length and shooting with it for like half a year. say you're carrying a 35mm. the scene/moment/action/headshot in front of you is worthy of a picture BUT 35mm isn't the best focal length for it. do you A/ take the shot regardless as documentation/record; or B/ pass and move on to the next 35mm-fitting picture? what if you were carrying a film camera, would your answer change??thanks

A film camera is the same thing as a digital camera. Lenses work on each. Each capture light. Each have shutter speeds and apertures. So it doesn’t matter if this is a film camera or a digital camera.

As you are learning this craft and and learning your gear then I’d suggest figuring out how to make the shot work with the lens you have. You’ve got the 35mm. You feel it isn’t the right lens. Still try to make it work. If it doesn’t work then you know WHY that lens doesn’t work. I can’t state this fact enough…

You have to know what your gear does as much as you have to know what it does NOT do. You’ve got to find the limits of your gear. You’ve got to push the limits of your gear. You need to find the edge of what it does and what it doesn’t do and learn how to live on that edge.

This sounds “philosophical” more than practical but I swear this edge is on every piece of gear you own. Your cameras, lenses, lights, modifiers, etc have something they do very well and they are poor performers for other things. Stick with one thing at a time for six months to a year and you’ll learn where the edge is.

Once you know… then you can pass on the photo because you know it just ain’t gonna work. 


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