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christianmelgardphoto asked:
Zack- Why do you say "UV filters are trash"? Do you at least use clear filters to protect your lenses? Thx

UV filters are a good protection item for a lens but they can be problematic  as well. If you have any bright point light sources in your composition those point light sources can flare on that filter and show up in your image. I’ve tried the expensive UV filters and have still had this problem. I end up putting them on, then taking them off, then putting them on, then taking them off. Over and over again. At some point I just ditched them all together and haven’t looked back. 

All my lenses have clean, scratch free front elements. I typically always have my lens hoods on. Some of them are actually gaff taped to the barel of the lens. I’ve lost a few hoods to banging against walls and stuff. They’ve also protected the lens on some drops. I don’t deal with having to take UV filters on and off any longer.

Also note that I typically lose my lens caps. I always keep up with the rear caps though. I’m more worried with protecting the rear of the lens when they are in my bag. Every lens has a rear cap. My expensive lenses have microfiber bags they live in when in my bag and each lens has it’s own compartment in the bag. 


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