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This may have been asked already, but if you were told you had to give up all your gear except one camera, one light and one modifier, what would they be and why?

Best case scenario of this hypothetical situation…

PhaseOne with 80mm 2.8 - Fantastic image quality. Great versatile ”normal” leaf shutter lens.

Elinchrom Quadra - 400 w/s of light that fits in a camera bag. Plenty of juice for most things I need.

60” Convertible Umbrella - The swiss army knife of modifiers. Can do a number of things. Light single subjects to groups and can be half closed for more of a small softbox type of look.

Worst case scenario 

Fuji x100 (leaf shutter = highspeed sync). Nikon SB80-dx flash (small with equal power to a 580exII). 60” convertible umbrella.


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