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I know you like to keep ur retouch fairly basic to keep the real aspect of the subject. However in some domains-fashion/beauty/ad-u need more.A lot of clients-especially smaller ones-think it's the photog's job. To some extend thats true-exp,contast,sharpness-but on jobs that require eg beauty retouching I often leave it to the pros and charge the client-normal right?-How to explain 'em this?I do tell them in advance but to them its weird the photog is not the retoucher. They think its included?

You’re thinking the right way. There are professional models. Professional photographers. Professional retouchers. Each has their place. Especially in the beauty / fashion world. 

Always manage expectations up front before the job is booked. Let them know that you perform X amount of retouching. After that you hand it off to a professional who is far more versed in specific types of retouching. You can say things like…

"If I retouch it you’ll think a three year old took a crayon to the photo."

"If I spent the time learning how to be a professional retoucher I’d not have time to be a photographer."

"There are certain things you may need done that are outside the scope of what I do. In those instances I hire a retoucher."

Or. Best yet. Have a few retouchers always available. Tell the client that X amount of retouching is included in your fee. Any additional retouching will be done by your studio for X amount of dollars per image / job / hour / etc. Keep the presence that this is done “in-house” then FTP that stuff off and have it done. It then comes back to you for delivery. Just have your relationships built before you starting handling it as though it’s right under your nose. You have to have folks you can trust and are available when needed.

It’s easy to understand from their perspective as to why you do it. You just have to be a bit of an educator so they realize why there are separate people and separate charges. Always stand on their side of the fence and strip away what you know about your job. You’ll begin to understand where they are and speak to their concerns.


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