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Hey Zack - just much gear do you carry around when you shoot an assignment on location? How do you transport it up and down stairs, elevators, alleys, etc?

I typically have three bags on most assignments.

ThinkTank Airport Security Roller - Cameras, lenses, Pocket Wizards, hot shoe flashes, cards, etc.

ThinkTank Logistics Manager - Larger lights (Einsteins), reflectors, grids, Vagabond Minis, clamps, swivel adapters, misc grip, cords, gaff tape, etc.

Lightware or Kata bag - Stands, tripod, and modifiers.

That’s the typical location set of gear. Sometimes I take a Flashpoint case holding a 22” beauty dish goes along. When I take it I take a Kupo C-Stand with arm and a 25 lb. sand bag. Sometimes I’ll take a full apple box as well if I think I need it to stand on or use as a stool or something. An apple box is always good to have around.

If I know I’m going to have to park far from my shoot or have to move it from one side of a corporate campus to another then I have a thing called a Rock n roller multicart. It folds up nicely for transport in my car and then can be used in a few different configurations to move gear. 

If all of this has to go with me then I’ll hire an assistant to help with the logistics of moving all this stuff around.

All of this can fit in the back of my ‘05 Scion XB.


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