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I'm a young and inexperienced college student. The thought of spending thousands of dollars and years of my life on an education/career in photography only to ultimately fail scares the hell out of me. How would I explain to my mother and grandparents who have helped support me that I'm just not good enough? That I've thrown their money away? How would I explain it to myself? It's a fear that stops me in my tracks. Thoughts?

You’re never going to get anywhere being afraid of it. If the fear keeps you back then I guess you really didn’t want it did you? So… 

Do you want this? Want to be a photographer? What is worth getting over your fear to go do? Is photography worth that? If not, find something else to do that scares you that you’re willing to move heaven and earth to do with yourself and your life. 

Is photography scary? As a pro… yes. It is. Where’s the work? Where’s the money? Where’s the satisfaction? Where’s the personal connection when you’re just chasing money? 

It’s going to be a long time till you’re “good enough”. School is just building the foundation. It isn’t the end product. Nor does it even go so far as to put a roof over your head. You graduate with a cement slab under your feet. 

Ever see the foundation of a house? Have any idea what the final house is going to look like when you just see the slab? Nope. 

Assisting will help put the walls up. Working for others will begin to give some structure to your life. You’ll still be sleeping in the rain.

You ok with that? Your family ok with that? 

You can go to school for auto body repair and get hired straight out of school and start making money. That’s not too scary. Want to take dents out of fenders? Nothing scary about working in a body shop for the next 40 years of your life.

Whatchu want?

You can sit and watch or you can get off your ass and go do it.


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