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ozthekeymaster asked:
Watched a video with you telling the story of turning down an assistant's gig until you realised it was for Joe McNally. Is there anyone now that you would give up your time to assist (not as a permanent gig - I know you have to feed your family!). What about anyone who is now dead? (I know - tough gig assisting a dead guy but bear with it...)

Let’s just talk about the living for this one because we’d all give a kidney to assist Avedon and the like.

Mark Seliger - He’s the guy that pushed me in the direction that I’m still traveling in years after first seeing his work. I’ve met him once. Went total fan boy on his ass and shot a portrait of him as he was leaving a book signing. Would like to calm down a bit and have a beer with him. Assist him. Wash his car. Empty the dishwasher. Whatever he needs. Just call me! :)

Dan Winters - I’d drop whatever I was doing at any moment to assist Dan. I’d just want to watch how he works. How he talks to his subjects. I’d want to have a peek inside his thought process leading up to a shoot.

Kareem Black - The guy seems to be a really stand up guy and folks I know who know Kareem say he’s a genuine dude. I’d like to assist him for a day. I want to hear his story. He and Winters are guys I’d want to buy a beer or ten for and just listen to their life story. I bet he’s a blast on set.

Peggy Sirota - I’ve always admired her work. I know very little about her personal story but I’ve followed her work for years.

Paulo Roversi - His work. Jeez. He’s the only photographer alive on planet earth that can shoot against a wrinkled muslin background and pull it off. 


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