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Is the Olympus OM-D a worthy competitor to the X-Pro1 in your opinion for general portraiture / small event photography? Price is a factor as well as the much more extensive lens availability.

I honestly have no idea. I’m not on a mission to find the best mirror less / 4/3rds camera on the planet. I wanted a small camera that I could carry with me at all times that had great image quality. The x100 was put in my hands at a workshop I was teaching and I haven’t looked back since.

I know the OM-D is a sexy little camera that has a lot of options and, from what I’ve read, outperforms the x100 / xPro in some areas. I can’t tell you though how much I love the Fuji hybrid viewfinder in the x100 and xPro. I use the OVF a lot and love it a lot. 

I think this market is expanding and is highly competitive right now. That means Fuji is going to draw a line in the sand. Oly will pass it. Sony will overcome Oly’s line. Fuji will respond with something new that beats them both. Panasonic will kick their ass. Oly will come back to the front. On it goes.

I don’t have any interest in playing that game. I love my Fuji’s. You can only rip them out of my cold dead hands! :)

Is the OM-D capable of great photos? Yes. So is the Fuji. And the Sony. And the iPhone. Well, I wouldn’t shoot an event with the iPhone but one day we will I’m sure. Just look how far camera phones have come.

Lastly, extensive lens selection has nothing to do with my purchasing decision. Let’s say Oly has 15 more lenses than Fuji. I’m never going to own them all. I only need 2 or 3. Heck, with the x100 I only have one with an option to get the wide adapter… which I’m not really interested in. I’m happy with the lens it has.

I don’t think this answer helped you at all did it? But… now you know my thoughts on the subject. Pick what feels best to you, fits in with the way you shoot, and don’t look back. Go shoot.