The Photography Q&A Book!

The photography Q&A book is now available!

I have pulled over 100 questions from this blog and have edited them, added to them, supplied tons of photographs and visuals to illustrate the point, and have wrapped it all up in an easy to digest, follow, and implement package. This blog is the rough draft. The book is the final. 

The Q&A book is available at most brick and mortar book resellers, AmazonAmazon UK, the Kindle StoreiBooks (in certain countries), and directly through the Peachpit store. In fact, Peachpit has a bundle that get’s you the hardcopy and ebook version. If the book does well then there will be translations. That sort of thing (in addition to where the book is distributed) is sort of out of my hands so I can’t speak with authority about those kind of things. Even though I make a whole 50 cents or something more on the eBook, I highly suggest picking up the hardcopy if you can. I prefer this book in print than I do on an eReader. 

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of how different the book is from the blog. Thanks for your support everyone!